Solo Exhibition at Centrifug, Konsthall C in Stockholm.


Konsthall C Centrifug
On view 8 May to 14 June
Thursday–Sunday 12–17

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Barriers is a site-specific work of a larger project about the densification of Stockholm. The images are from Farsta and depict places that, among other names, are called Barriers and have in common that they will disappear in favor of housing projects.

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Where words are impossible

Photograph of Magali Cunico installing one of her works at Krognoshuset in Lund. The painting is part of her exhibition Where Words are impossible, consisting of oil paintings of ruins and decayed house bodies. The exhibition also features mixed media pieces in the form of cupboards with paintings on glass and a site-specific installation piece; The structures will collapse. A canvas layered with a painting on glass projected with an Overhead. 

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Images photographed for the book Mästarverket or The Master’s Work by artist Lisa Jeannin. The images are photographed in her incubator for alchemical dreams at Norrtälje Art Center. Graphic Design by Leo Norgren.

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Menu mages for restaurant Favo. Their focus is street-food that is ordered in an application and delivered by electric cars. The restaurant started in Borås but has now expanded to more locations in Sweden. The modern street-food inspired menu avoids semi-finished products, the bread is baked close by, and where possible, they work with locally grown produce in their kitchens and restaurants. 

You can find food-images on the still-life page.

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Winter images for Renault. Renault Captur is a subcompact crossover build on the B-platform, first released in 2013. The car in the photo is the new second-generation Captur build on the CMF-B platform. Another image shows Renault Zoe, a supermini electric car released in 2012. The range image also features Renault Clio besides Captur and Zoe. Renault Clio is a supermini car first released in 1990, and this car is the fifth generation. We produced the images during a few days in Åre, just before the snow was washed away by rain.

You can find more automotive images on the vehicles page.


Cover image for “Pandokraterna” by Eric Ericson and Susanna Wallstén, published by Kaunitz-Olsson. The Pandocrats is a sequel to “Pandornas Dal” 2018 and deals with Climate change, consumption, and reification. A defector from the FDP realizes that he needs to do something and moves the struggle straight into the highest power.

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Salong CFF

I am exhibiting one work at Centrum för Fotografis “Salong CFF” in December. 

The work is an image of a fox’s trail through new snow. I photographed the picture a few winters back in Tyresta National Park, Stockholm, Sweden, when the snow was exceptionally deep. The fox had passed over the south part of Stensjön during the dark hours before I took the image just before sunrise. The work is also for sale, and the Ashwood frame measures 74x56cm. 

CFF – Centrum för fotografi

Tjärhovsgatan 44

116 28 Stockholm

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Jacques Herzog

Portrait of Architect Jacques Herzog cofounder of Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron.

One of their best-known projects is Tate Modern in London others are the De Young Museum in San Francisco, Allianz Arena in Munich, and the Beijing National Stadium.

Jacques Herzog’s portrait in the Helsinki Dreispitz office of Herzog & de Meuron is part of an assignment for real estate company Oscar Properties. Besides an office, the building on Helsinki Strasse in Basel’s Dreispitz area consists of an archive and apartments. Herzog & de Meuron designed the building Gasklockan in Norra Djurgårdsstaden Stockholm for Oscar Properties.

You can find more portraits photographed by Erik Hagman at

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