Photo Book Festival Stockholm

28-29 October, Kulturhuset, Foajé 3, level 3.

My book Barriers will be available at Konst-ig, and I will be signing books on Saturday, 29 October 13.00 – 14:00

Friday, 28 October, 12:00 – 19:30

Saturday, 29 October, 11:00 – 16:00…/fotoboksfestivalörfattarna/fotoboksfestival-pa-kulturhuset-stadsteatern-2/

More information about Barriers:


I am exhibiting images from the book “Barriers” at Gothenburg Book Fair 2022. Today Magali Cunico and I installed the images for the exhibition. The images are located on the second floor in the aisle leading to ¨Se människan¨or “See the Man¨ in English. The show is part of the Photographic Path arranged by Gothenburg Diocese cultural cooperation, Church of Sweden. The book is available at Publisher Arena´s boot located at E05:12.

Landskrona Foto

Arena, the publisher of ¨Barriers¨, has a table at the Photobook Market arranged by Landskrona Foto 2 – 4 of September. I participated and signed books on Saturday. The books available at Landskrona Foto are part of a pre-run, and production will be finished in the coming weeks.

More information about the book at


For three years, I have visited and photographed places in Stockholm’s suburbs. The background is the city’s transformation, following a decision that 140,000 new homes will be built between 2010 and 2030. “Barriers” is published by Arena and is finally ready for delivery. Many thanks to all Involved in the Project.

Photographs and text: Erik Hagman
Foreword: Niclas Östlind
Editor: Lisa Daram Westling, Niclas Östlind
Design: LOD / Peter Sellberg
Map illustration:
Translation: Astrid Trotzig
Printing: Göteborgstryckeriet
Binding: Förlagshuset Nordens Grafiska AB
Publisher: Bokförlaget Arena

More information about the book at

Sjöbo Konsthall

During the summer, Magali Cunico had an ongoing show at Sjöbo Konsthall, ¨As a thin line between you and me¨. The show finished on the 20th of August with a Finisage where we showed are collaborative and ongoing work ¨ A Whisper and three trembling shadows¨ The work consists of a tent that acts as a camera obscura. Inside the tent, the camera obscura projection is accompanied by sound recorded at a nearby meadow.

Barriers in Print

I have been working on the Barriers book since 2018; at last, it is in print – but not yet in binding. Göteborgstryckeriet has done the printing, and Förlagshuset Nordens Grafiska executes the binding and case will in Malmö. The book turned out to be more comprehensive than I thought when entering the design process one year ago. 

The format is 300 mm x 206 mm and 140 pages. Besides the 96 pages for images, there are 16 pages with maps and 28 pages of text. The photo pages are  150 g Arctic Volume White paper, the text on 115 g Munken Print Cream 15, and the maps on pink 120 g Colorit from Lessebo Bruk. The design is by Peter Sellberg / LOD, and have made the the maps.

Working Grant

I am sitting in the car, going through and answering emails on the laptop computer. The car is parked outside the Swedish Labour Movement`s  Archives and Library in Flemingsberg. At 15:32, a new email land in the inbox with the title “Decisions on work scholarships” Reading the email from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee first, one time, and then a second time, it is beyond doubt that I have received a one-year working grant. A welcome contribution when I am working with the production of my book “Barriers,” soon to be released. Beforehand, It´s challenging to comprehend the scope of and time needed for a project, especially working together with other people.

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The photograph from Tequila that recently was exhibited at “Salong CFF” is available for purchase through Artworks. The print is mounted on aluminum and mounted behind reflection-free glass. The solid oak frame measures 111cm x 133cm x 6cm.

Salong CFF

I am exhibiting at Centrum för Fotografis “Salong CFF” in December 2021. The work is an image of an Agave field in Tequila, Mexico, that I photographed in 2007. I have built the frame from scratch and also made the print, and mounted it on aluminum. The glass is reflection-free, and the print is an edition of 3. The work is for sale, and the Oak frame measures 111cm x 133cm x 6cm.

CFF – Centrum för fotografi

Bjurholmsplan 26

116 63 Stockholm


Tiveden is a forest area located between the large lakes Vättern and Vänern in Sweden. It used to be referred to as a 12mile forest and almost impossible to travel through without getting lost. A place where the outlaws used hide. Today it´s National Park known for the rugged terrain and wild, beautiful forest that has been untouched by modern forestry. Between the lakes and bogs, the forest is scattered with large boulders, making hiking a lot more challenging than your everyday forest walk. The moss covers almost all of the ground, the boulders, and the abundance of fallen trees that you would not find in a wood plantation.

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