Solo Exhibition at Centrifug, Konsthall C in Stockholm.


Konsthall C Centrifug
On view 8 May to 14 June
Thursday–Sunday 12–17

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Barriers is a site-specific work of a larger project about the densification of Stockholm. The images are from Farsta and depict places that, among other names, are called Barriers and have in common that they will disappear in favor of housing projects.

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Salong CFF

I am exhibiting one work at Centrum för Fotografis “Salong CFF” in December. 

The work is an image of a fox’s trail through new snow. I photographed the picture a few winters back in Tyresta National Park, Stockholm, Sweden, when the snow was exceptionally deep. The fox had passed over the south part of Stensjön during the dark hours before I took the image just before sunrise. The work is also for sale, and the Ashwood frame measures 74x56cm. 

CFF – Centrum för fotografi

Tjärhovsgatan 44

116 28 Stockholm

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Vårsalongen Liljevalchs

I have three works exhibited at the Liljevalchs Spring Salon in Stockholm, opening on the 25th of January. The edition is 3 + 1 A.P., and frames are handmade of White Ash finished with Schellack. 

The exhibited works are a part of a larger project about urban development areas in Stockholm, which translates to Stadsutvecklingsområde in Swedish.

The image titled Stadsutvecklingsområde 1629 is photographed in Nya Ulriksdal, Solna, and depicts an old building moved from its original location in waiting at a temporary location for a new home. The building is one of two houses built between 1912 and 1920 as housing for Railroad Workers. Locally the houses are referred to as Rödingarna, which in English translates to the red ones. The buildings could not remain in their original location due to the construction of an onramp for Friends Arena in 2014. There has been a debate on exactly where the building will move in the future after years in limbo; they seem to be heading for Överjärva Gård, an area for recreation where other old buildings of cultural value reside.

The other two images exhibited at Vårsalongen Liljevalchs are from Årstafältet and Värtahamnen. The Image from Årstafältet in south Stockholm; photographed just before the construction started, and the area was newly fenced off. The fence; thrown over in the image, most likely by people irritated over the planned construction. The image from Värtahamnen shows a group of people on the way to the nearby ferry landing; in the background is an oil cistern under demolishment. The old harbor area Värtahamnen are being converted to an area for housing and are a part of the large scale project Norra Djurgårdsstaden. 

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Stadsutvecklingsområde 1629

Göteborgs Konsthall

A special performance at  Göteborg Konsthall  of “The meadow – reenacted” and the project “Three stages of meadow.” The special performance takes place during the exhibition Naturum. In this context, the photographs have taken the form of an archive and are displayed laying on a table. 

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The meadow – reenacted

Exhibition at the Art Center, Öckerö Library in Gothenburg, Sweden showing the project “Three stages of meadow.” The exhibition The meadow – reenacted is curated by Niclas Östlind and includes works of students who have taken the summer course The meadow – reenacted at Akademin Valand. 

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