Autumn Bonfire

The house is empty, and the moving trucks have driven off, and all left to do, is burn the remains that will not make it to the new home. There is a large pile of old and broken furniture and other pieces of wood that will burn to ash. We are used to big fires on Walpurgis night to mark and celebrate the beginning of spring. This time winter is approaching, but still, the fire is a mark and celebration of a change and the anticipation of something new.

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Paviljong C

A Whisper and three trembling shadows at Paviljong C: a program of outdoors events organized by Konsthall C in Hökarängen, Stockholm. A Whisper and three trembling shadows is a collaboration between Magali Cunico and Erik Hagman and consists of a tent that acts as a camera obscura. Inside the tent, the camera obscura projection is accompanied by sound recorded at a nearby meadow.

A Whisper and three trembling shadows

A Whisper and three trembling shadows is a collaboration between Magali Cunico and Erik Hagman. The piece consists of a tent that acts as a camera obscura and a sound work recorded at a meadow. The show is on August 28 and 29 at Paviljong C, a program of outdoors events organized by Konsthall C in Hökarängen, Stockholm.

Paviljong C
Starrmyran, Hökarängen
Saturday 28 August 14.00 to 18.00
Sunday 29 August 14.00 to 18.00


The road is blocked by flooding when I was returning home from my studio. Parts of Hökarängen in Stockholm were underwater, and the flooding ruined basements and vehicles. Most of the water drained away after an hour leaving only piles of hail and frozen water under the drainpipes.

Following the last week’s severe flooding in nearby Huddinge, this is not an isolated event and can only be another sign of extreme weather due to climate change.

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Magali Cunico installing her works at Vargåkra gård Konsthall.

The exhibition is titled Mimicry, from the Greek adjective mimētikos, which means “imitating”, “imitating”, “imitating”. The most common form of mimicry in biology denotes the ability of smaller animals, especially insects and plants, to imitate the appearance of a dangerous species to protect themselves from predators.

In the shadow of the ongoing environmental disaster, there seem to be two opposing approaches. One is a search for answers in the as yet unexplored living organisms before they become extinct. The second sees the solution in scientific methods that involve modifying the cells of living organisms and creating artificial life.

More information about the artworks:

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White-tailed eagle

I traveled to Färnebofjärden National Park to watch and photograph the eagles. Färnebofjärden, located at the lower part of Dalälven, has high biological values and is famous for its bird richness. There are over 205 bird species. During wintertime, the Eagles often reside on an Åtel, where humans have placed food for wild animals.

The White-tailed eagle is one of the largest birds of prey with a wingspan of up to 2,5 meters. The species were considered endangered due to human activities such as habitat alterations and destruction of wetlands but have recovered slightly due to governmental protection and initiatives like the Society for Bird Protection and Nature Conservancy at Nedre Dalälven.

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Solo Exhibition at Centrifug, Konsthall C in Stockholm.


Konsthall C Centrifug
On view 8 May to 14 June
Thursday–Sunday 12–17

More information about the exhibition:

Barriers is a site-specific work of a larger project about the densification of Stockholm. The images are from Farsta and depict places that, among other names, are called Barriers and have in common that they will disappear in favor of housing projects.

More information about Barriers:

Where words are impossible

Photograph of Magali Cunico installing one of her works at Krognoshuset in Lund. The painting is part of her exhibition Where Words are impossible, consisting of oil paintings of ruins and decayed house bodies. The exhibition also features mixed media pieces in the form of cupboards with paintings on glass and a site-specific installation piece; The structures will collapse. A canvas layered with a painting on glass projected with an Overhead. 

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