Koleos is a compact crossover SUV first presented as a concept car in 2000. Production started in 2006, designed by Renault but produced by Nissan. The second generation of Renault Koleos was released in 2016 and utilize the Renault-Nissan Common Module Family platform. The SUV is available with three different drivetrains: two wheel drive, adaptive four wheel drive, and regular four wheel drive.

Erik Hagman photographed the Renault Koleos in Jämtland County, located in Sweden. The Koleos image is aimed at the Nordic market.

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UC is Sweden´s leading business and credit reference agency. Since 1977, then named “Upplysningscentralen,” the core business has been to collect and transform data to intelligence and knowledge used in interactions between people, companies, and society. UC helps many different industries such as banking, finance, small businesses, the retail trade, and the service industry. Today, UC is part of the Enento Group, which had a net sales of 146 MEUR in 2019, and 420 employees in eight locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The photographs I created for UC consists of three still-life images against colored backgrounds illustrating three different services. ID-Protection, Credit Check, and Credit Information. 

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Pandornas Dal

Pandornas Dal is a richly illustrated youth book by Eric Ericson and Susanna Wallstén.  The Swedish title translates to “The Valley of the Pandas” and tells the story of Albert Nader, one of Fraction de Panda’s most skilled agents. FDP dreams about building a community of their own on a deserted island, but people try to stop them; the police and bloodthirsty Babenberger’s chase them.  The book also spotlights a few of today’s most critical issues, such as global warming, sustainability, and ethics. 

Erik Hagman’s contribution to the book is the images that I created together with Eric and Susanna.

On the page about Pandornas Dal, you can find more information about the book.

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Swedish Modern

Images photographed for the architecture book Swedish Modern. The book Swedish Modern is over 700 pages with hundreds of photographs and a longer text by Hedvig Hedqvist and continues after the previous book Swedish Grace. Erik Hagman´s contribution consists of photographing a collection of images from Spånga Kyrka, Karlskoga Folkets Hus, Halmstad Rådhus Skogskyrkogården, among other places.

For more information please vist page about Swedish Modern.

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Cover image for Carnegie 2018 annual report. Carnegie is an Investment Bank with ventures in securities brokerage, investment banking, and private banking. David Carnegie founded the company Carnegie & Co AB in Gothenburg in 1803. Today they have the headquarter in Stockholm, offices in the Nordic region and in London, New York, and Luxembourg. The company used to be on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Today it is privately held, and the business is today conducted through Carnegie Investment Bank. The image is composed of a collection of letters and financial symbols arranged to form a shadow resembling a tree. The shadow is genuine and created in-camera with studio lighting, and only minor touch up was made in post-production. The shadow of the tree is symbolizing growth, and the copy “Hålllbar tillväxt genom idéer, kunskap och kapital” translates to “Sustainable growth through ideas, knowledge, and capital”.

More examples Still-Life images are available on the Still-Life page.


Images for LilyVe jewelry. LilyVe is a range of Hypoallergenic Jewellery that eliminates the risk of developing an allergy to metals. LilyVe makes their jewelry in medical Titanium and Surgical Steel, also known as stainless steel 316L. These metals are both considered to be the most gentle to your skin and body. I have created images of LilyVe´s earrings,  the images photographed in the studio against a collection of white disks. In post-production, we then partially recolored the background set.

If you want to see other product images photographed by me, please have a look at the Still-Life page.

Valio Oddlygood

Images photographed for Valio Oddlygood. Oat drinks and oat-based yogurts are healthy, milk-free, and above all, delicious alternatives to milk and yogurt for you who choose a plant-based option. In addition to the oats natural properties, Valio has enriched the products with the minerals iodine and calcium, vitamin D, and vitamins B2 and B12. I have photographed the products in the studio against a blue-screen. Then, in post-production, we replaced the background with a stock image of an oat field. The studio-lighting aimed to give the feeling of a clear day, but without the hard shadows, not to lose focus on the packaging. 

If you want to see more product images photographed by me, please have a look at the Still-Life page.

New Renault Kadjar

Winter images of the New Renault Kadjar. Kadjar is a compact crossover SUV in production since 2015, which shares the platform with Nissan Qashqai. The platform allows for both front and four-wheel drive constructions. The most considerable improvement on the new Kadjar is the engine with better performance and fuel economy. The new grille is wider and has chrome inserts.

The car in the image is one of the preproduction prototypes transported from France to the north of Sweden in a covered trailer. Besides the photos of the New Kadjar, we produced other winter images of Renault Koleos, Captur, Zoe, and the brand sibling Dacia Duster. The pictures photographed in Jämtland County, located in Sweden, is aimed at the European Market.

For more images of cars please visit https://www.photographer-erikhagman.com/vehicle

Vårsalongen Liljevalchs

I have three works exhibited at the Liljevalchs Spring Salon in Stockholm, opening on the 25th of January. The edition is 3 + 1 A.P., and frames are handmade of White Ash finished with Schellack. 

The exhibited works are a part of a larger project about urban development areas in Stockholm, which translates to Stadsutvecklingsområde in Swedish.

The image titled Stadsutvecklingsområde 1629 is photographed in Nya Ulriksdal, Solna, and depicts an old building moved from its original location in waiting at a temporary location for a new home. The building is one of two houses built between 1912 and 1920 as housing for Railroad Workers. Locally the houses are referred to as Rödingarna, which in English translates to the red ones. The buildings could not remain in their original location due to the construction of an onramp for Friends Arena in 2014. There has been a debate on exactly where the building will move in the future after years in limbo; they seem to be heading for Överjärva Gård, an area for recreation where other old buildings of cultural value reside.

The other two images exhibited at Vårsalongen Liljevalchs are from Årstafältet and Värtahamnen. The Image from Årstafältet in south Stockholm; photographed just before the construction started, and the area was newly fenced off. The fence; thrown over in the image, most likely by people irritated over the planned construction. The image from Värtahamnen shows a group of people on the way to the nearby ferry landing; in the background is an oil cistern under demolishment. The old harbor area Värtahamnen are being converted to an area for housing and are a part of the large scale project Norra Djurgårdsstaden. 

More information about the project Stadsutvecklingsområde is found at https://www.erikhagman.com/projects/stadsutvecklingsomrade.

Stadsutvecklingsområde 1629

Göteborgs Konsthall

A special performance at  Göteborg Konsthall  of “The meadow – reenacted” and the project “Three stages of meadow.” The special performance takes place during the exhibition Naturum. In this context, the photographs have taken the form of an archive and are displayed laying on a table. 

More information about Three stages of meadow: https://www.erikhagman.com/projects/meadows

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